“Almost Metal” at A+D Gallery, Columbia College (Chicago, IL)

I’m in a group exhibition this month titled Almost Metal at A+D Gallery, Columbia College (Chicago, IL).  The exhibition runs from January 10-February 16, 2013.  I’ll be doing a performance during the artists’ reception on Jan. 31st…stay tuned for more details!

Images below:  Respawn a site specific installation.  5 “dead” versions of my WoW character Kryzzik are scattered in the Interactive Arts + Media building, Columbia College (Chicago, IL), 5 versions “respawned” in A+D Gallery as a part of Almost Metal.

Images below:  Kill screen for a theoretical video game….   Digital prints mounted to plastic. (left-40″ x 40″; right- 10″x10″ each). 2013.