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My WoW performance ‘toon Kryzzik is included in the 3D print exhibition titled Art2Make, at the Center for Book and Paper at Columbia College (Chicago, IL) from February-April 2014.  You can print your own version of Kryzzik for yourself!  More info here.


Respawn (Kryzzik)– a site specific installation.

Screenprint-on-paper sculptures of my WoW character Kryzzik.  A collection of Kryzziks was on display at a “respawn” spot in A+D Gallery, Columbia College (Chicago) for the “Almost Metal Collective” exhibition.  A number of dead Kryzziks were scattered throughout other buildings at Columbia College (death points).

Beginning in Spring 2012, I began a series of art-making experiments in the MMORG World of Warcraft.  These “gestures” have included in-game performances, a plug-in to alter game play, hacking a popular WoW wiki, an ongoing Tumblr blog, to name a few.  These experiments have led me to my current body-of-work, reinterpreting game experiences and ephemera in physical spaces.

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Feminist  add-on for WoW:  Tired of misogynistic trash talk during game play?  Zing ’em with this!  A feministing add-on for WoW called “DunnMe.”

Using the  /dunn1 slash command, WoW users can quickly respond to trash talk in feminist-speak.  Users can retort with “A woman needs a man like a murloc needs a goblin turbo trike ___(insert name of offender here),” a quote by Irina Dunn made famous by Gloria Steinem.

DOWNLOAD the add-on here!

To install:  Unzip  You’ll have a folder named DunnMe.  Move the DunnMe folder  to your World of Warcraft Addon folder. The folder is, by default, in C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons for a PC. For a Mac, the default is ~/Applications/World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons.

Load up your World of Warcraft client, log in with your normal username and password, and get to your server screen. On this screen, there’s an important button in the bottom left corner with the text “AddOns”. Click this button.  On this screen, make sure the DunnMe add on is clicked to use.

To use in-game, simply type the slash command /dunn1  to feminist in WoW!

Creative Commons: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works


My dead body is adorable….a tumblr site dedicated to dying in WoW




For anyone still wondering yes women can wear full armor too...
This was a hacking project that responded to an article on The MarySue blog about perceptions about in-game gender and armor…specifically that female toons don’t need full armor specs like male toons.  The most popular wiki for WoW has a humorously-intended wiki entry on “Female Armor” that I “hacked” (really just re-edited) with appropriated text from Ashley Judd’s response to “Puffmageddon” on The Daily Beast.


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