Art2Make…3D Print Exhibition & Project!

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Now you can print your own sculpture of my WoW ‘toon, Kryzzik…featured in my ongoing installation series RESPAWN!

Kryzzik has been included in the exhibition/project Art2Make…a project of CAA’s Services to Artists Committee in conjunction with ARTspace at the 2014 Annual Conference, being held in Chicago, February 12 through 15, 2014.

Art2Make is an exhibition of sculptural objects presented as digital files that can be freely printed using 3-D printing technology. The first editions of all the works in Art2Make will be exhibited at the Center for Book and Paper Gallery at Columbia College, located at 1104 S. Wabash Avenue in Chicago, from February 10 through April 15, 2014.

Art2Make was organized by Conrad Gleber, Mat Rappaport, Gail Rubini, and Chris Manzione, in collaboration with the media artists collective v1b3.