POSTNATURAL exhibition at ISIS Gallery, Notre Dame

More of my WoW avatar sculptures were included in the group exhibition POSTNATURAL at ISIS Gallery (University of Notre Dame) this October as a part of the Society for Literature, Science and the Art’s annual symposium.  The group show included work by Critical Art Ensemble, Eduardo Kac, Subhankar Banerjee, Richard Gray, Ben Funke, Molly Morin, and more great artists. The exhibition is up through the end of October.

My piece was a “family” of 3 of my WoW avatar sculptures, titled “RPG NPCs:  A shaman, a wizard, a sage.”  My bearded (male) dwarf finally makes an appearance in my work!




Respawn v2.0 for “Uncanny Congruencies” group show, Palmer Museum of Art

Check out installation images of my piece “Respawn v2.0″ made especially for the group exhibition at the Palmer Museum of Art titled “Uncanny Congruencies.”  The exhibition runs from September 10-December 15, 2013.

In video games, particularly FPS &/or MMOG style, characters or avatars that die are respawned in another area of the game map.  This eventually leads to the practice of camping; finding the respawn points and picking off newly respawned characters.  Maybe I’ll deal with camping in another installation….

For “Uncanny Congruencies” I’m turning the Penn State campus into a game map.  My WoW gnome mage’s respawn point is located in the Palmer Museum; death -or- failure points throughout the Palmer Museum, Patterson Building, and even the HUB!

For more information, visit the Palmer Museum website.

Respawn point for “Respawn v2.0″ located in the Palmer Museum of Art


Death -or- failure point in the Palmer Museum stairwell.

Respawn v2.0 installation for the Palmer Museum of Art (Penn State U)

A second version of my installation “Respawn” will be on exhibition at the Palmer Museum of Art, and throughout the Penn State University campus, this fall for the group exhibition “Uncanny Incongruencies.” The show will feature artists Gerald Davis, Brian Alfred, Allan Topolski, Christa Assad and many more! Check out the Palmer Museum website for more info:

Here are some images of my gnome mage sculptures (dead and alive) for the exhibition…check back for installation shots at Penn State!







LVL_GRNDR at Packer Schopf Gallery (Chicago)

My new solo exhibition LVL_GRNDR opens this week at Packer Schopf Gallery (Chicago).  Exhibition runs from May 24-July 6, 2013 with an opening reception on Friday, May 24 from 5-8pm.  Check out some of the work below!

Kill Screen for a Theoretical Videogame C-print, 30″x30″ (2013)

Kill Screen for a Theoretical Videogame C-print, 30″x30″ (2013)


LTPYC (or learn to play your class) Kryzzik, a Goblin Mage Three color screenprint paper sculpture of my World of Warcraft character Kryzzik, 36″x40″x28″ (2013)


Installation view, LVL_GRNDR, Packer Schopf Gallery (Chicago)


Side Scroller for a Theoretical Videogame C-print, 10″x40″ (2013)


Side Scroller for a Theoretical Videogame C-print, 10″x40″ (2013)


Installation view, LVL_GRNDR, Packer Schopf Gallery (Chicago)


The Secret Island of Madness, Screenprint and acrylic on paper, PLA plastic terrain sculpture, 16″x20″ (2013)


The Secret Island of Madness, detail of PLA plastic terrain model, built in BRYCE and fabbed with the Makerbot 3D printer, 16″x20″ (2013)

Goblin Forest, detail of PLA plastic terrain model, built in BRYCE and fabbed with the Makerbot 3D printer, 16″x20″ (2013)

LVL_GRNDR, original paperback book, a 350 D&D style RPG game, 6″x9″ (2013)

Kill Screen for a Theoretical Videogame, C-print, 30″x30″ (2013)



Lakeland Fine Arts Festival

I went back to high school on Monday, April 29th as the visual arts speaker for the Lakeland Fine Arts Festival! Six high schools in the southwest region of Michigan descended on Brandywine High School for an all day festival of art, music, and theater. My talk was titled “Game Over: translating video game experiences into sculptural spaces.”


(some of the students as I’m waiting to speak!)

Farming and Leveling Up performance, A+D Gallery (Chicago, IL), Thursday 1/31

During the reception for “The Almost Metal Collective” exhibition at A+D Gallery in Chicago (Thursday, 1/31), I did a performance recreating the process of videogame-based farming and leveling up in meat-space.

Generally, farming in videogames is the practice of acquiring/accumulating special items (like the gems I fabricated during my performance) in order to become stronger or gain intelligence/spirit/life or reveal secrets about the game storyline. In this performance, I “farmed” gems through the repetitive process of cutting, folding, and hotgluing paper patterns together. Then I played a variety of 8-bit game sound effects for every few gems I created, indicating that I had leveled up!

I also leveled up when I had conversations with strangers, gave hugs to friends, and gave gems away.

“Almost Metal” at A+D Gallery, Columbia College (Chicago, IL)

I’m in a group exhibition this month titled Almost Metal at A+D Gallery, Columbia College (Chicago, IL).  The exhibition runs from January 10-February 16, 2013.  I’ll be doing a performance during the artists’ reception on Jan. 31st…stay tuned for more details!

Images below:  Respawn a site specific installation.  5 “dead” versions of my WoW character Kryzzik are scattered in the Interactive Arts + Media building, Columbia College (Chicago, IL), 5 versions “respawned” in A+D Gallery as a part of Almost Metal.

Images below:  Kill screen for a theoretical video game….   Digital prints mounted to plastic. (left-40″ x 40″; right- 10″x10″ each). 2013.